I.P.E Wood
Other Names: Tabebuia spp, Lapacho, Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Irontree, Tajibo, Guayacan, Lapacho, Arcwood Description: Ipe is the most popular residential hardwood decking material because it is simply the best.

Very durable, very hard and very stable, Ipe is a deep brown color. Ipe is also know as Brazilian Walnut and is one of the most sought after woods throughout the world.

Hardness: 3,840 pounds
Strength (MOR): 25,400 psi
Stiffness (MOE): 3,140 1000 psi
Density (KG/m3): 1,025
Tangential Shrinkage: 8.0 %
Radial Shrinkage: 6.6 %
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