New Turkish Compact Laminate At World Standards

Mecolam Compact Laminate Panels are manufactured in conformance with ISO 9001 - 2000 Quality and EN 438 standards, UV surface strengthening treatment is executed abroad and pressing procedures of Mecolam panels are performed in Turkey.

Compact Laminate (Massive laminate) is homogenous facade cladding panels, which are manufactured by penetration large amount of Kraft paper with phenol resin and coating of front and back surfaces with UV – melamine based decorative paper under multilayer presses at high temperatures (170°C) and high pressure (100 – 120 bar kg/cm2) during 60-90 minutes.

At the first stage Mecolam facade panels table of colors contains 44 colors in Plain Line – 15 patterns in Wood Line – 3 colors in Glossy Line, totally 47 colors and 15 wooden patterns. Wide range of colors and patterns together with size alternatives offer more flexible and creative solutions in comparison with other facade cladding elements.

In a lot of projects in our country are performed with application of import Compact Laminates or similar products, which are not designed for external façade use. And still at the project stage it was revealed that the materials experience such problems as non-sticking, deformation, bending and discoloration, which is the most important one.

One of the commonly encountered problems is non-sticking of the panel because of the UV protective film layer integrated into the panel surface during the manufacturing process and, as a solution, grinding of the sticking surface in order to remove the protective film during the installation works.

The deformed surface in turn causes the panel bending.

For this reason, surfaces of Mecolam panels are manufactured with application of Electron Bombarding Cure (E.B.C.) technique, which is used just by a few brands in the world.

Mecolam Compact laminate panels according to their application techniques belong to the category of semi-ventilated facade systems and relatively to the material thickness can be installed using 4 different mounting systems.

1. Tacking System (for panels of 6-8 mm thick)
2. Hooking System (for panels of 8-10 mm thick)
3. Rivet System (for panels of 6-8 mm thick)
4.Siding System (for panels of 4-6 mm thick)

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